Best anime websites

Best anime websites

Anime are incredibly famous across the world now. If I look around me, there’s more and more people who are too fond of anime and love to watch anime besides everything else. It always make me wonder why is anime growing so much popularity all around the world while they are of Japanese origin? And so I started to watch them. And guess what, I found anime to be highly addictive.  Instagram reels are the new addiction though, especially in Turkey where people search for instagram video indir and visit reelit to download content.  Its something that gives you a break from reality and takes you into an imaginary world.  They have excellent storylines which is why you will be able to relate to most of them and find them even more engaging.

I usually keep exploring different sites from where I can stream or download anime. And on basis of that research I have listed down below the best websites I came across for anime lovers.

P.S. There are hundreds of anime sites where you get paid or free anime but I have tried to keep it short and included only the most relevant ones.



This is the no.1 anime site to watch HD English dubbed anime online. Basically its very hard to find anime dubbed in english. Not many sites provide it. So if you are a native english speaker this site is just the best.  In case you want to download and build a collection of your favorite anime shows you can download them in HD resolutions with Videoder app. It lets you download all anime shows for free and you can then watch them offline without a running internet connection. You can download Videoder and you can visit our Download anime for free page to know the steps to download anime.



GoGoAnime is one of the most popular anime sites to watch anime online. Its famous due to its diversified content across the genre. And like 9anime it is also a free site. Also it lets you stream all the anime episodes that are in the Japanese language with English subtitles.

GoGoAnime also has an app where you can stream anime and you can find it on appstore and google playstore as well.



Kissanime is the king of top anime streaming sites. This site has made available a wide variety of anime to its fans. Kissanime has the highest number of fans and rates high in popularity among anime buffs. The site is optimised to consume low-bandwidth and loads fully in almost 10 seconds. The site uploads anime series in a consistent manner in every possible quality similar to that of YouTube from 240p to 1080p optimised for a wide variety of devices.

But, kissanime has a big disadvantage. Due to a technical issue kissanime does not opens on various browsers. So you will have to first check it out that it works on your phone or no.  Instagram Reels Video Download will take all your worries away by letting you browse reels and download them in no time.



Anime Season is best at delivering user-centric experience to its customers. It is one of those unique free anime sites which sort their popular anime list based on user’s reviews. Well, the most popular anime would be the one with the most number of votes from its supporters. Sorting on the basis of latest anime episodes ,anime recommendations, rating of the anime shows, recently added section, make searching for your favourite anime or exploring new titles, a really tranquilized task.



Anime Freak may be not among the prime contenders for its unorganised website and a plethora of ads. Still, the content on this site can’t be ignored. You can find the latest episodes of the anime title of your choice. Additionally, exclusive anime, which aren’t usually available on other sites, can be streamed over this website, absolutely, for free.



Another popular site with great anime content. The best thing about the site is that the update frequency of series is super fast. they usually update the episodes of anime 10 times faster as compared to the other sites. The update frequency is their USP.


Besides these there are some legal anime sites but they are paid. You will have to buy a monthly or yearly subscription to stream anime. I have listed the best ones below.



Crunchyroll is a legal anime website that has organised the best of the anime collection and is available in most of the countries. CrunchyRoll provides premium services where a few anime videos can be accessed for free, and rest of the videos can be viewed after you subscribe to a premium membership.

If paid subscription is not your concern and you want a reliable legal site then crunchyroll is for you. With anime updates initiating almost every hour, this website ensures you never miss out on the latest episode.



The Funimation streaming service has an impressive collection of anime series and feature-length films, including many hard-to-find titles, and it offers fast-turnaround English language dubs. The site is a smart well-run business to challenge the capabilities and provide the best legal anime streaming website. You can watch subbed version of the anime for free but you have to subscribe to the premium version for watching the dubbed version



Daisuki provides everything from the anime that everyone is crazy about to the anime that is rarely known, and the latest anime in the highest quality. Its the official anime site where you can watch real, high-quality anime legally with premium membership.



Hulu is an American subscription video on demand service. It has a wide collection of anime films as well as series. The only issue is that Hulu is not yet available on all parts of the world. Hulu is offered only to users in Japan and the United States and its overseas territories. You may watch Hulu out of the US by using VPN services.



To download your favorite anime download our app Videoder where you can stream and download any anime for free. Visit our Download anime page to know the steps to download anime. Download Video Instagram is the best place to quickly download videos from Instagram. We are continuously adding more and more sites to the app. In case you want to suggest us some please mention them in the comment section below. 

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  • I wish you would add more anime sites in Videoder. Currently, it only supports 9anime.
    Excellent app by the way. Thanks.

    Momo Tomo 6 years ago Reply

    • We are working on it and you will see many more anime sites soon in Videoder.

      Sur Singla 6 years ago Reply

    • If you have any specifications related to which anime sites you want us to support then you can mention them here.

      Sur Singla 6 years ago Reply

      • Thanks for asking, Ms. Singla.
        For anime:,,, and (this one might pose a problem).
        Also, for Hentai in adult section (!):

        And, kindly remove ‘Vidme’, as it is defunct now.

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        • Thank you 🙂

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          • Ms.Sur Singla
            Pls forgive my bluntness, your profile pic is pure definition of beautiful
            mesmerised my the eyes thnxxx

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          • Thanks.

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      • the app anime for all

        baolinh 6 years ago Reply

  • are there anymore anime websites that has English dubbed?
    and can download without the use of app’s like

    braackiz 6 years ago Reply

    • Give me some time, I am in the process of bringing my website G2Anime back and I will be providing over 4TB(and growing) of Anime and Live Action/JDrama to start the site off.

      Abarnes 6 years ago Reply

  • release videoder for pc soon

    Giriraj Singh 6 years ago Reply

  • Hum…. Daiskue website closed like 6 months ago. You should update the website. And Funimation doesn’t work in Switzerland or Germany or France or Russia.

    Otaku79 6 years ago Reply

  • Hum…. Daiskue website closed like 6 months ago. You should update the website. And Funimation doesn’t work in all countries

    Otaku79 6 years ago Reply

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it.

      Sur Singla 6 years ago Reply

  • If you like to download from the above anime websites, you may try Allavsoft.

    Emily 6 years ago Reply

  • waiting for PC Version 🙂

    Prasoon Mishra 6 years ago Reply

  • How many anime series you have on this app

    Rahul 6 years ago Reply

  • Now there is one more website.
    With no ads.
    Home of Anime.
    Where you can get latest episode of
    Dragon Ball Super, Boruto and you can also watch some of the greatest anime of all time

    Akshat 6 years ago Reply

  • Chia anime is the Best

    Saurav 6 years ago Reply

  • recommended best apps streaming Anime subtitle English

    Khalis 6 years ago Reply

  • good job! Can you add anime sites in Spanish? Thanks

    sebastian artica 6 years ago Reply

  • I am using Kissanime from 2017. This is the best website to watch anime online. Thanks for the list. I will check others. I got one website to download anime videos from instagram Just put the video url in the url box and click on download button. Anime video will be downloaded in your pc.

    Christina Barnes 6 years ago Reply

  • Best app ever 4 all media needs

    Motoko 6 years ago Reply

  • thanks for the list.. i specially like the and 9anime series.. neoneko is also nice..

    Aniruddha Choudhury 6 years ago Reply

  • I downloaded videoder on my PC and attempted to download some anime from 9anime and it shows on the “supported sites” link that 9anime is not one of them, just wondering what the problem is?

    Isaac Gagnard 6 years ago Reply

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