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Game of Thrones season 7 is just about to begin and the world is getting crazy for it. Being an ardent got fanatic I usually keep exploring about all the got cast and the actors behind those characters. I know we all keep doing it. And so I have come up with an accumulation of some basic info and a link to their social and wiki accounts. Also we have an app which lets you watch game of thrones episodes or you can even download the got episodes and its absolutely free. Instagram Reels Video Download can be used to view and download Game of Thrones reels and download video Instagram. To download the app you can go here and you can also visit our How to watch/download game of thrones episodes to know the steps.

P.S I have tried to include as many characters as I can and if you want me to include any other character you like or any more information that you want you can message me on my social accounts.


Pic Cast Name Age Nationality Instagram Handle
Ned Stark Sean Bean 17 April 1959 (age 58) Yorkshire, England Busy doing Broken. No social accounts
Catelyn Stark Michelle Fairley January 17, 1964 Northern Ireland She finds music videos more interesting. See her in this at 1:33

Robb Stark Richard Madden 18 June 1986 (age 31) London, England
Sansa Stark Sophie Turner 21 February 1996 (age 21) Chesterton, England
Arya Stark Maisie Williams 15 April 1997 (age 20) Bristol, England, UK
Bran Stark Isaac Hempstead Wright 9 April 1999 (age 18) Kent, England, United Kingdom
Jon Snow Kit Harington 26 December 1986 (age 30) Acton, London, England
Daenerys Targaryen Emilia Clarke 23 October 1986 (age 30) London, England, UK
Viserys Targaryen Harry Lloyd 17 November 1983 (age 33) London, England
Robert Baratheon Mark Addy 14 January 1964 (age 53) York, England, UK
Stannis Baratheon Stephen Dillane 27 March 1957 (age 60) Kensington, London, England
Renly Baratheon Gethin Anthony 9 October 1983 (age 33) Warwickshire, England
Joffrey Baratheon Jack Gleeson 20 May 1992 (age 25) Cork, Ireland
Tywin Lannister Charles Dance 10 October 1946 (age 70) Worcestershire, England
Tyrion Lannister Peter Dinklage June 11, 1969 (age 48) New Jersey, U.S.
Cersei Lannister Lena Headey 3 October 1973 (age 43) Hamilton, Bermuda
Jaime Lannister Nikolaj Coster-Waldau 27 July 1970 (age 46) Rudkøbing, Denmark
Edmure Tully Tobias Menzies 7 March 1974 (age 43) London, England, U.K.
Brynden Tully (Blackfish) Clive Russell 7 December 1945 (age 71) Reeth, England
Olenna Tyrell Diana Rigg 20 July 1938 (age 78) Doncaster, England
Margaery Tyrell Natalie Dormer 11 February 1982 (age 35) Berkshire, England
Loras Tyrell Finn Jones 24 March 1988 (age 29) London, U.K.
Oberyn Martell Pedro Pascal April 2, 1975 (age 42) Santiago, Chile
Ellaria Sand Indira Varma 27 September 1973 (age 43) Bath, England
Jorah Mormont Iain Glen 24 June 1961 (age 56) Edinburgh, Scotland
Khal Drogo Jason Momoa August 1, 1979 (age 37) Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.
Missandei Nathalie Emmanuel 2 March 1989 (age 28) Essex, Scotland
Grey Worm Jacob Anderson 18 June 1990 (age 27 Bristol, England
Sandor Clegane

(The Hound)

Rory McCann 24 April 1969 (age 48) Lanarkshire, Scotland
Gregor Clegane

(The Mountain)

Hafthór Júlíus Björnsson November 26, 1988 Reykjavík, Iceland
Petyr Baelish Aidan Gillen 24 April 1968 (age 49) Dublin, Ireland
Varys Conleth Hill 24 November 1964 (age 52) County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Theon Greyjoy Alfie Allen 12 September 1986 (age 30) London, England
Yara Greyjoy Gemma Whelan 23 April 1981 (age 36) Leeds, England
Melisandre Carice van Houten September 5, 1976 (age 40) Netherlands
Ramsay Bolton Iwan Rheon 13 May 1985 (age 32) Carmarthenshire, Wales
Jaqen H’ghar Tom Wlaschiha 20 June 1973 (age 44) Dohna, East Germany
Davos Seaworth Liam Cunningham 2 June 1961 (age 56) Dublin, Ireland
Samwell Tarly John Bradley-West 1988 (age 28–29) Manchester, England
Shae Sibel Kekilli June 16, 1980 (age 37) Heilbronn, Germany
Ygritte Rose Leslie 9 February 1987 (age 30) Aberdeen, Scotland
Brienne of Tarth Gwendoline Christie 28 October 1978 (age 38) England, UK
Daario Naharis Michiel Huisman 18 July 1981 (age 35) Amstelveen, Netherlands

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