Youtube downloading tool ‘Keepvid’ shuts down. Here are some of the best alternative tools you will find on the web.

Sudden shut down of most popular music and video downloading tool ‘Keepvid’ leave its users in shock. Users have been posting on facebook, twitter and other social platforms trying to know what has happened to keepvid and what are they supposed to do now. After 2 days of shutting down, Keepvid posted on their facebook page:

“ won’t provide video/audio downloading features from now on. We’ll develop better video & audio tools for you in the future”

Keepvid not working

The reason behind such a drastic move is not yet clear as Keepvid has decided to stay quiet and not specifying any reason clearly. Keepvid has left its users with no option than to search for an alternative now.

For download video instagram needs, Reelit is the leader in that.  Reelit can be used for instagram reels download, as well as browse through funny and trendy content in just no time.

I usually keep exploring different sites and apps from where I can download my favorite music and videos to watch them offline. On basis of my research, I have listed below the best music and video downloading tools I found on the web and they are the perfect alternatives to Keepvid. Hope the article helps to choose the best one for you.

1. Videoder

Started in 2013, Videoder pioneered the video downloading service on Android. Its Android app is best known for its reliable service and a beautiful user interface. It lets you download music and videos from over 50 most popular video websites including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Voot, 9anime and many other.

The app has numerous other features like video converter, youtube login, audio tag editor, batch downloading, playlist downloading, inbuilt streaming player etc. And the good news for Keepvid users is:

Videoder is releasing its desktop app for mac and windows and unlike keepvid its FREE OF COST!


What can be the best time for releasing a desktop client than now when there is so much need for an app that could replace Keepvid. And undoubtedly Videoder is a perfect fit for it.

If you want an app which is an all in all complete package for music and video downloading then Videoder is a perfect choice.

Download Videoder- Free Video and music downloader

Videoder youtube downloader

2. Ymusic

If you are looking for a tool which lets you stream youtube videos in audio format as a background popup then Ymusic is a great option. Though streaming audio is their center point they also let you save videos from youtube for watching them offline.

The app is built by an indie developer Khang and the work done on the app is absolutely commendable.

Download Ymusic

Ymusic app

3. Online Video Converter

Online Video converter is best when it comes to downloading music and videos online. It lets you download videos from youtube and convert videos to mp3 through its online website. You don’t have to download a software for it.  Turkish users can just use instagram video indir for their instagram reels download needs.

If you like to keep it basic and you just need a simple tool without many features then this option is the one you are looking for. You can just copy and paste a video link, choose a resolution, press download and it’s done.

Go to Online Video Converter


4. Softorino Youtube Converter 2

SYC 2 is a desktop client and lets you download music and videos hassle-free on your pc. Its available on both Mac and Windows.

Even though the app’s name is Softorino YouTube Converter 2, it’s no longer limited to YouTube. It lets you download music and videos from over 50+ sites.

Other than downloading it has some great features like ringtone trimmer, playlist downloading, subtitles, an in-app browser, audio tag editor etc. The only thing that makes it an option 2, in my opinion, is that it is a paid software and charges 19.95$ as a one time fee while Videoder, on the other hand, is a free app and provides almost all the services for free.

Download SYC2

5. Save from net

Savefromnet is one of the oldest youtube downloading tool. Though the website is obsolete and there are many better online downloading tools than savefromnet but its extension for downloading videos is best in the market.

The extension embeds a download button as soon as it detects that a video is been played. You just have to click on the download button and it will show you various resolutions in which you can download videos. You can find the steps to install the extension on their website

Download extension



Though there are hundreds of youtube downloaders you can find on the web but I have tried to list only the best tool under one category. Hope this article helps you to find the best one for you.

Sur Singla

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