IMPORTANT: Youtube downloading is no more supported by Videoder.

Download files directly to SD Card

Videoder is the only app that lets you download music and videos directly to your SD card.

Often when it comes to downloading videos, music , movies, tv shows to phone the issue that comes is of ‘insufficient storage’. The phone’s internal storage often runs out of space and you need to move your files to sd card.

Videoder is the only downloader* that allows you to download your files directly to sd card and in whichever folder you may want to.

Note: Other downloaders let you download to sd card only in their own folder which gets deleted if you uninstall the app. That means you cannot download files to any other folder in sd card than the apps own folder.

Google changed the policy of Sd card write access permission from kitkat onwards making it very restrictive. Due to this choosing sd card as your default download storage becomes a bit cumbersome task now.

You will have to follow certain steps to grant access to your sd card before you can select it as your default storage option:

1. Go to the settings menu of the app and choose the option of ‘change download location’.
There will be two sections in this window which are of internal storage and external storage. The external storage may be shown as ‘sd card’ or as ‘name of your sd card’. Do not get confused.

Go to change download location

2. When you select sd card a dialog appears which tells you the steps you need to follow to grant write access permission to sd card. Just tap on open.

Choose SD Card

You need to perform 4 steps now.

Step 1: Tap on the options icon in the sd card menu.

Tap on options

Step 2: Choose ‘Show SD Card’ option.

Tap on show sd card

Step 3: From the navigation drawer choose ‘SD Card’.

Select sd card

Step 4: Press 'Select'.

Press select

Note: Now you have granted videoder write access permission to your sd card and now videoder can download files directly to your sd card. But still you have not chosen any folder inside your sd card.

3. To select a folder in sd card just tap on any pre-existing folder or you can also make a new folder and then tap on ‘Choose’.

Save to sd card

Important: Please make sure that while granting write access permission(STEP 3) you do not choose any folder in sd card. While performing all 4 steps in point 3 you have to be on the root of the sd card and not in any other folder.

For Kitkat users** Due to some bugs in Android Kitkat (4.4) the feature does not works well for some devices which are on Android Kitkat (4.4). If you are facing any issues in granting write access in Android Kitkat then please upgrade your android version and the feature will start working smoothly.

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